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Solar chargers are brilliant products for adventure travellers and anyone who likes to get off grid. Mountain biking, sailing, camping, trekking, mountain climbing: if you are into any of these sports you probably have already considered including solar chargers as part of your kit. At Solar Gadget Store we have taken considerable time to source the best suppliers of chargers and then write in-depth reviews about them so you can make an informed choice for which bit of kit is best for your needs.

Solar chargers are one of the best applications of solar technology integrated into a useful personal item. Small, lightweight, robust, compact and reasonably priced, solar chargers are a mini solar panel system in your bag or pocket. We stock the two best suppliers of solar chargers: Freeloader and Powertraveller; their products are robust, reliable and superior quality.


solar charger review


Powermonkey extreme review

Powermonkey extreme 4 stars

amazing, powerful solar charger | A+ quality | A+ charging | A+ waterproof | A+ iPad charging | A- heavy battery

The powermonkey extreme is the latest offering from Powertraveller and is an update to the very popular eXplorer. The new extreme packs a punch with the huge battery: this means iPads can be charged from it. The drawback of this is the size and weight of the battery unit, a bit too heavy for normal/day walking but a great unit to take on expeditions and leave at base camp.

The clam-shell solar panel folds out for use and fits into a large pocket or hand/manbag. It can be positioned at any angle to catch the best light and doesn’t fall over (a well thought through touch). It has a rubbery coating and side grips (essential when using with thick gloves, cold hands or in a wet environment).

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Powermonkey eXplorer review

Powermonkey explorer 5 stars

amazing compact solar charger | A+ quality | A+ charging | A+ waterproof | A+ Portability | A+ compact

Powermonkey eXplorer has always been voted top solar mobile charger and had excellent reviews. It won the reddot design award 2010, was voted best in test by Trail and MacLife voted it 5/5 awesome. It comes with some serious recommendations and has been tested countless times by hardcore adventure travellers in extreme places (see below). Wow, what an introduction! Although Powermonkey eXplorer has a smaller solar panel and battery unit than the new big brother extreme charger, the benefit is in the compact size for when weight/storage is an issue.

What is the powermonkey eXplorer?

The powermonkey is actually the small battery unit which stores power and charges mobiles and other hand-held stuff on the go. The solar monkey is the clam-shell flip-open 1.2w solar panel unit which charges the battery unit or can be hooked up direct to the phone itself. The battery can be charged 3 ways, via the solar monkey, by mains charger (inc) or by USB (inc) from your computer.

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Freeloader Pro review

Freeloader  4 stars

Great camera charger with USB out | A+ quality | A- charging | A+ Lightweight | A+ iPad & SLR charging | A+ Out port

What is the freeloader pro?

The freeloader pro is a portable solar charger with the unique feature of being able to charge virtually any camera battery (inc SLR) with the design feature of the CamCaddy battery charging device. The Pro can store a charge for up to 3 months and can also be charged by the mains adaptor or USB cable. A stylish looking charger which opens up into 2 solar panels with a 200mAh output.

What does the Pro charge?

Anything that charges via USB will work as the Pro has a USB out port. The Pro can now charge: iPads, iPod, iPhone via your apple charge cable (note: pre sep 2011 won’t charge iPads), Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Nintendo, Mini USB for smart phones and sat nav; Sony PSP, MP4 players, portable DVD players, e-books and most camera batteries.
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